Yes she will finally say yes


Well, life happens to flow in ways most of don’t understand. Sometimes you work extra hard doing the dirty work rolling up and down in search of a smile but it just seems helpless. Obviously, it is disgusting YES DISGUSTING. For it is just unacceptable that you plant roses but when you turn back to pluck some for your loved ones, all you see is a healthy field thorns, not even a single solo rose. It really inflicts so much pain.You ask yourself
Was I born to be happy?
Or to just dance in misery
Or am I good enough to see good?
Who will really be my Calvary?
Or how close is near?
I long to see my victory
I have a little story that might help.
Well, when I was young I met someone whom they call success. They told me a lot of things about her, she is immortal and everyone loves her. How could I be different, I fell for her too and after approaching her she said, “I am not saying no but show me how deep you need me”.That really marked the beginning of my determination. So the thing about a successful life is not about how many times you have fallen or how fatal you have failed, it is how deep you need it that really drives you. It’s just a simple equation aspire a successful life work tirelessly for that dream showing how deep you need it and you will get it, she will finally say yes. Well I and my sweet success are getting engaged, will send you all invitations. Yes she will finally say yes.

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