Tourism in the Eastern Highlands 2019, what is happening?

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The Eastern Highlands

The mountainous region of eastern Zimbabwe is a place endowed with many resort and tourist attraction areas, where people from all different walks of life come to enjoy the beautiful scenery. It is a long stretch of approximately 300km north to south. Many consider it to be such a crafted splendor that’s very eye catching and very remarkable indeed.

Chimanimani Mountains

Forming a link in the off-center spine of Africa, the Eastern Highlands Mountain Range effectively begins all the way down in the Western Cape of South Africa, continues up along the Drakensburg Mountains and onward along the  Rift to the Ethiopian Highlands in its proximity to the Indian Ocean combine to provide a unique and arresting landscape in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe. The altitude changes the vegetation and climate dramatically rest of southern Africa and being inside the tropics, the coldest it ever gets  .Having this notion in mind there are certain issues that affect these resorts, these have been drawn to my attention and I Have decided to share them with you our readers.

Why Tourism is important?

The Tourism sector is a major component of our economy hence it is essential to look at ways in which we can keep the Tourism sector afloat .These are some of the issues raised by several tour operators that l got to speak with, most of them said the major challenges faced is that there are no fixed rates in terms of their pricing this is because of the prevailing dollarization effect making it difficult for them to conduct their business effectively.

Eastern Highlands Tourism Challenges in 2019

It has also been noted that tourism in the eastern highlands is disintegrated this is as result the people in the tourism ecosystem who do not know each other  making it difficult to network and sharing of ideas. Another major concern was that tour operators or ground handlers are scarce if not non-existent within our  resorts proximity  thus making it rather tiresome for the tourist to drive from one resort to another as the resorts in Manicaland are located in very different places hence having tour operators would be ideal.

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In terms of accommodation it has also come to my attention in that when esteemed tourist visit Manicaland especially here in Mutare their choice is limited and at some places their standards are not exactly ideal for tourists ,another problem that is of lack of commission for the travel agents hence it becomes a problem because they too want to earn a living .Hence as The Wasu we suggest that if you the reader are willing you can venture into any of the above mentioned activities as an opportunity to invest in our tourism industry so as to maintain and upgrade our tourism sector. I believe together we can make a significance difference.


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