Top 10 things you should have in life


10 things you should have in life

Life can be absolutely simple and funny, especially if you have the necessary equipment, set of ideas, and hacks to address certain situations. Things covered in this top 10 countdown may be general or peculiar; they can be important for day-to-day life, traveling, entrepreneurship, to mention just a few applications. This list, however, does not follow any particular order of importance:


Every person should have a serviceable general purpose toolkit. Instead of frequently calling in a repairman for minor problems, or frequently knocking on your neighbor’s doors asking for tools, one should consider buying his or her own tool-kit that handles known simple daily home problems. This applies to both women and men, even to the young and the old. For ladies, buying your own set of needles, knits, cleaning gloves and kits, is as equally important as a man having his own toolbox, with a set of pliers, hammer, tape measures, screwdrivers, power tools, etc


At least a pair of fitting formal clothes and a pair of casual-ware is vital for a person. Imagine you want to go to a job interview and you have to go to your neighbors to borrow everything from top to bottom, that is not the best you can do for yourself. At the same time, you also should have at least a pair of casual clothes for outings and parties with friends – at least one pair should be enough for a man, but absolutely not enough for a lay (so I heard.)


It is needless to say that in this modern age a mobile phone should be a must-have. This does not necessarily mean a smartphone. Any phone that is portable and has the ability to receive and send calls and messages will do the trick. You may need a mobile phone to receive calls or messages from a company you have previously applied for work. You may need a cell phone when you are in danger, or you may need a cell phone for the day-to-day running of your business, from communicating with partners to communicating with clients. A phone which can make and receive calls and messages may be enough, but one should also try to consider some other functions listed below.

Having a mobile phone is not enough; to be effective, the phone should have a working and fully serviceable battery.

SOME OF THE USEFUL FUNCTIONS OF A CELLPHONE. (besides calling and messaging).
a. Internet access; for internet banking, emailing, social media management, etc.
b. Camera; for pdf scanning, fast, detailed information capture by video recording and photos, etc.
c. Pdf/Word/Epub reading.
d. Clock, calendar, to-do list.
e. Notes.


This spans from names and numbers of professional problem solvers, names, and numbers of neighbors, to emergency numbers. As long as you live in a society inhabited by humans, you should have these contacts because you never know when they become handy.

It is not only in danger that you will find these contacts important if you are an entrepreneur, you need more people than anyone, and to have access to many people, you should have their names and contact numbers.


Honestly true. It is of paramount importance that one should have a great bag that goes well enough with formal clothing. This is the bag one should use to store important documents in case of attending an interview. It is not cool to carry a whole baggy satchel to a meeting or important gathering/event.

The bag may include:
a. A pen and notebook.
b. Important documents.
c. A portable makeup kit for ladies.
d. A small towel.


A passport is a should have document because it is usually required in some unpredictable cases. At one point, I applied for a certain job; on the interview, the manager asked those with passports to step forward. About four people stepped forward, and the manager dismissed the rest of us saying the job needed a special on the job training from a foreign country so he couldn’t help us without passports.

If you think you could qualify for a scholarship at some point in life, if you are considering taking certain degrees at the university level, if you have been employed in a company where the staff is occasionally sent for external courses and you like that opportunity, then you should have a passport. You also need to consider having a valid identity card.

Having a passport is even more important if you are an entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur.


I have seen some people operating under pressures after applying for a job and they are told that they should have a bank account in order to be able to be paid. Besides this, keeping your money in the bank is considered much safer than keeping it in your pocket.

As an entrepreneur, a bank account is very necessary if you will be looking for a loan, when you want to safe keep your profits and savings, and when you need a secure payment scheme. There are so many types of bank accounts, but I would recommend having a visa account, particularly if you think you may be using your account from outside your own country at some point.


This is the information age, you may find that some companies need your email account in order to be able to communicate with you. If you are outside your country, the most efficient and cheapest way to contact your bank is through an email. Opening an account to buy things online requires a Sign Up with an email. So, since it is absolutely free and relatively secure, one should necessarily have it.

An alternative to an email account is having a social media profile like Facebook, or a professional profile like Linkedin. These may facilitate a quick signup in certain situations and at the same time make it easy to interact with people of your nature.


I basically wanted to write ‘wise friends’ instead of just friends to specify the type of friends one should have. friends are there to make relaxing easier.
Good friends will also act as psychological and physiological buffers to a person, by offering support, encouragements, and pieces of advice to someone.


Even if one is still living with his or her parents, or if he or she is living alone lodging somewhere, it is very vital that to have a productive and positive mentality one should have a nice cool and comfortable dwelling. It might not be heavily furnished, but the way it is packed will do the trick. Coming to a well-packed room or house after work relieves stress.
A room for oneself is also vital when it comes to undertaking tasks which require privacy like writing or meditation.

THINGS THAT SHOULD BE IN A ROOM (we are considering a single ordinary person).

a. A nice simple bed.
a. A table.
b. A chair.
c. A simple dressing table with a mirror.
d. A simple locker or wardrobe.

The list of things one should have is very extensive. We just listed the top 10 things which are mostly physical, but things like calendars, to-do lists, checklists, a decent tent, a medical aid, a funeral cover, among others could have fitted well.

Things which are not tangible, but which are equally vital in the essence of progress like spare time, faith, hope, the list goes on and on.

Thanks to everyone for being with us on our countdown, it is our hope that some of the information presented by this article has brought some light in someone’s life.

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Simbarashe Mwanaka was born in Inyanga, a small smart town in Manicaland, eastern part of Zimbabwe on the 6th of January 1993 as the only male product of Zebedia Mwanaka and Takesure Marongedza. He attended Shiri Primary School, St Mary Magdalene's High School and St Monicas High School( for advanced level). He is currently doing aero engineering.

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