Shinga the startup haven where starting is made simple.


Shinga Cospace, Event space, and Digital services

Shinga is a co-working space, business event space and digital consulting services company in Mutare. It exists to help make starting a business simpler and inspire innovation in its clients. The coworking space service offers members a collaborative, engaging work environment that shares resources and ideas. Digital consulting service is provided to businesses looking to lead digital, looking for fresh ideas in branding and marketing, as well as investment opportunities.

shinga entrepreneurship startup program
photo credits: shinga digital design team

Finally, the event space, it is going to host members and non-members events. The events include a selection of interactive and experiential skills training and workshops, investment and competition pitches and startup/entrepreneurship talks. A two-week entrepreneurship start-up program on how to start, build and grow successful businesses is going to be one of the early events held in the event space. The aim of the program is to empower aspiring entrepreneurs with the necessary tools, platforms, and investment they need to build viable start-ups from the ground up.

Shinga the idea came after the realization of the struggles and challenges that start-ups face.  From their inception phase, right up to their establishment to successful business entities that gain traction. As well as access to funding among other key resources needed to start, build and grow a successful start-up.

Addressing the following problems is key to assisting aspiring entrepreneurs with the relevant skill sets and resources needed to build successful business entities.

  • Need for digital skills and creativity in entrepreneurship.
  • Knowledge on how to start, build and grow a successful business.
  • An inspiring and innovative working environment that enables different businesses to co-exist under the same space.
  • Proper Mentorship
  • Access to funding to take idea to become a sustainable product

The following reasons are why you must be part of Shinga co-working space.

coworking area
photo credits: google
  • Access to office sundries: clean space, furniture, secretary, telephone, printer, cameras and access to the internet being some of them.
  • Access to funding.
  • Provides access to a growing network of companies that form a large business ecosystem. Presenting your start-up with prospects for new partnerships and growth.
  • Innovative, creative and diverse business environment.
  • Mentorship on how to build a successful start-up, before and during the inception of an idea until it becomes a successful business.
  • Being part of an ecosystem of similar companies both locally and internationally.
  • Guaranteed assistance by the always on standby Shinga team in building your business from an idea to a start-up through mentorship and consultative sessions.
  • Also skills training, workshops, and internships.

Shinga is a new dimension.  Whether working in our coworking space, attending one of our events, or receiving in-house digital consulting services, Shinga creates an environment that fosters starting, building and growing businesses.  In a world where having an idea is great but starting a business is greater. Shinga helps our clients develop ideas into sustainable businesses with creative and innovation habits that puts them ahead, ensuring they are leading competition.

Now, do you want to be part of Shinga? Please contact us on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp 0774142459 for further information.

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