Pangs of Stupidity


Hie sweetheart its been long since I last wrote you a letter,
A letter of reminiscence of the times shared together,
A letter of the ups and downs we shared,
A letter to jog your mind along the memory lane,
A lane filled with sweet and sour love memories.

Memories of sweet laughs in green parks,
where we were the limelight stars,
Memories of days spent wrapped in each other’s arms of emotional support.
Memories of the romance which is the sweet fragrance of love,
Memories of the scribblings and engravings of our names on each other’s heart of hearts.

Do you remember the days we fought like Tom and Jerry,
Do you remember the days the days I cried in your arms and you in mine,
Oh! Sweet sour tears of love,
Do you remember when writers would take movie scripts from our love,
I remember the curves of joy they call smile on your face
Giving a shining tincture to the stars you have where eyes could have been.
Oh! Sweet early object of my youthful vows how I miss you.

So sad they are just memories of a long lost love,
A love that left footprints on the foundations of my heart,
I dream of a day where you would come back to rekindle the embers of love still glowing in mine heart.
How I long to reach your lips and feel the warmth of your breath of love,
Too bad they just wish now flowing away in the tidal wave of stupidity,
I shouldn’t have let you go.

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Born 1990 in Mazoe Zimbabwe. Went to school at Southerton Primary School in Harare and St Faiths High School in Rusape. Studying Business Management at tertiary level.



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