Mutare Tourism Part 1


Tourism in Mutare

Background of this city

Mutare is a major destination for both domestic and international tourists due to its beautiful scenic views since it is very mountainous and has a very favorable climate resulting in it being resembled European cities due to its cool temperature conditions. However, in this edition, we will give you a brief history of this city which is deemed by the majority of Zimbabweans as the most beautiful and cleanest city within the nation. Mutare is the fourth largest city but the cleanest and most hygienic city in Zimbabwe and it is located in the Manicaland province which is on the eastern side of Zimbabwe.

Brief History

This beautiful city is popularly known as “Kumakomoyo” due to its mountainous terrain and this differentiates it from the other cities within Zimbabwe.

The name Mutare was derived from a local Shona word called Utare which in the local Manyika dialect refers to iron or gold.

The city is very rich in resources and this is evidenced by the nearby gold (Redwing mine) and diamond (Chiadzwa mine). During the pre-colonial period, the name was given to a river running adjacent with Tsambe River (popular river close to the city). It is believed that this river had deposits of iron; therefore it was named Utare by the local Mutasa clan.

photo credit: Sandra

From the above knowledge, it can be concluded that the name Mutare emerged from a small Manyika speaking society under the leadership of Chief Mutasa. This society claims to have settled in the area for decades long before the European settlers came. However, this is contrary to popular belief that Mutare was first established by the Pioneer Column in 1890. In fact, the Pioneer Column did not see an empty space before them, but rather a fully functional indigenous Mutasa society with efficient political structures, a booming economy, and thriving agriculture. The pioneer column started a settlement and named the place Fort Umtali.

photo credit: Sandra

This was the third settlement of the British Pioneer Column after the settlement of the Southern and Northern parts of present day Zimbabwe.

By 1895 the British South Africa company had begun to establish itself through the erection of infrastructure and the city vastly developed.

However, after independence, its original name Mutare replaced Umtali and the city continued to grow leading to its present day status as one of the most beautiful cities in Zimbabwe.


Watch out for the second edition where we will highlight the major attractions within Mutare……


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