Mutare Tourism Part 2


Tourism in Mutare

In the last edition we gave you a brief background and history of the beautiful Mutare and now in this edition, we are going to highlight or to give you a glimpse of the best scenic view of the city and also the places that make Mutare a hub of attractions.


Point to note: The following list has been randomly compiled; there is no specific order of importance used in the numbering of these attractions and also it contains attractions within the main city.

Christmas Pass

The above images show beautiful scenic views that one experiences whilst at Christmas pass curves when driving towards the city centre. The curves are for 3km and there is no city in Zimbabwe that has a welcoming view which is better than Mutare. Many visitors usually park by the roadside to have moments of capturing photos and images of these scenic views.




Mutare Museum

It is located close to the CBD, coming from Harare along the A3 main Harare to Mutare Road, on entering Mutare you pass Mutare General Hospital on the right, after approximately 700meters you turn left at the roundabout intersection with Aerodrome Road, and the Mutare Museum is on the right side of the road at 3 Aerodrome Road, Mutare.
An insight of the Museum It was initially established in the colonial era by local enthusiasts as the Umtali Museum Society in 1954, before becoming a National Museum in 1959. It has a great collection of vintage cars, motorbikes and wagons, coaches and steam engines donated to the Museum by local enthusiastic collectors and the first Honorary Curator, Captain E. F. Boultbee. Below are some of the Galleries available:
Arms and artillery Gallery
Three-inch caliber naval cannon, made in 1794 (used during the colonial periods by the British soldiers).

Transport Gallery

This is the major gallery at the museum and has a big collection of models; it has a permanent display of animal-drawn wagons, motorbikes, vintage and later cars and tractors for agriculture that were used during the early days, plus two railway locomotives. Below are examples.


Mezzanine Gallery

This comprises of displays of natural history specimens from Manicaland including snakes, fish, and mammals dating from 1964.

Cecil Kopje

Cecil Kop Nature Reserve is an educational and recreational facility whereby visitors are able to view Zimbabwe`s wildlife and also be able to learn about the animals, for example, their adaptations under natural conditions. It is under the Wildlife and Environment Zimbabwe (WEZ) Manicaland Branch and was established in 1977.

Head north from the city centre up Herbert Chitepo Street, pass St Dominic’s Girls School on the left, turn left onto Arcadia Road as Herbert Chitepo Street takes a sharp right turn, note there is no signage. 0.6 KM turn left onto gravel road signposted Cecil Kop Nature Reserve, 1.0 KM reach the car park.

La Rochelle Botanical Garden

This is a great facility to learn about plants as it is home to a lot of plant species and visitors are able to know more about these species. It is a very educational facility in Penhalonga Township, whereby visitors are able to learn as much as possible about the flora (vegetation). What makes this facility a must to visit is the fact that one acquires knowledge whilst experiencing the beautiful scenery of the garden. It is approximately a 30-minute drive from the city centre.

Township Tourism

Sakubva Township is a high-density suburb within Mutare, it is home to nearly a quarter of the population of Mutare. Visitors can learn about the way of life of the Mutare people through practising cultural exchange with the locals and this can be done through engaging in conversations since the locals are best known for their high-level hospitality services. Sakubva is the oldest township in Mutare and the most famous place within Sakubva is the Sakubva market. The market has the largest food and vegetable markets, traditional artwork, and a second-hand clothing market.

Mutare is a great place to visit and there a lot of attractions within this beautiful city. However, in this edition, we only highlighted the major attractions within the main city itself although there are many others which are not on the list. Since Mutare is the Hub of beauty, we will highlight the other attractions that are surrounding the main city in the next edition……….

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