Manicaland Agricultural Show Highlights


Manicaland Agricultural Show held at the showgrounds in Chikanga Surburb in Mutare is a big event in the calendar of events in Mutare. Here are some of the highlights of the exhibition event.

Empower bank

The empower bank said they are giving out loans within 7 days. Non – collateral loans up to $2000 RTGs available subject to review because of the current economic situation. The loans attract 10%/month interest.

GMB silo products

The GMB stand exhibiting the silo products.

GMB Coffee

Interesting GMB Coffee. They package the silo ground coffee and have machinery that process 5 tonnes of coffee per hour. Interesting insights there.


The tobacco seeds are the smallest seeds we have seen. These we’re exhibited by the ministry of agriculture.

Honey products

Honey products exhibited by McJohnson Honey. Pollen, honey wine and candles are some of the products.

Hyline layers

Hyline layers exhibited by Taguta Farm. The farm produces 500 crates of eggs per day in Marange.

White Savanna

The big white Savanna goat.

Baskets, clay pots and cooking

The baskets and cooking utilities used traditionally in Manicaland. These were exhibited by the small scale farmers.

Small grains

Small grains and dried food products from Buhera district exhibited by small scale farmers.

Fruits products

Fruits products from Makoni District.

Rupase and other woven baskets
Crowd in attendance

The crowd in attendance for the presentation of awards at the grounds.

Drum majorates

The young girls colorful, the drum majorates decorated the grounds and they danced well.




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