Invest in Manicaland Magazine 2018 Part 1



These are extracts from the invest in Manicaland Magazine 2018 done by Economist Vince Musewe.

Manicaland Province refers to the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe and is potentially one of the richest provinces in the country which covers approximately  36,459 square kilometers with numerous places of interest .it covers the Eastern Highlands and the southeastern plateau with an estimated population of 1.8 million (2012 population census ), 52% being women .Manicaland is well known for its unlimited opportunities for investment  due to its excellent weather and perennial water sources for agriculture, spectacular tourist attractions, abundance of a variety of minerals, suitability for manufacturing and agro-business value addition, and fertile conditions for timber plantations and processing. It is home to Zimbabwe’s largest diamond reserves in  Chiadzwa with a potential to supply a quarter of gems traded on global markets, produces three quarter of fruits consumed in Zimbabwe ,90 percent of the country’s timber and has the largest tea and bananas estates in the country . In addition to agriculture, particularly estates in the country .

In addition, tourism and mining, the province also offer investors and opportunities in renewable energy, infrastructure development, information technology, health and education .A mere 300 km from Beira port in Mozambique, Manicaland is an excellent location for export-oriented trade and production .Among the several mountain ranges which lie in the province, Manicaland also boasts the highest mountain in the country, Inyangani found in Nyanga and the highest waterfalls Mutarazi found in the Mutasa District .

Key Characteristics

Shares  700km border with the Republic of Mozambique.

Endowed with all the five agro-ecological regions I-V with region I-II 43.62, region III:21.9 % and regions IV-V :35.55%

Average rainfall patterns range from below (450-600mm) in regions IV/V to high regions I and II AT 750-1000mm per annum.

The province has three official border posts with Forbes being the largest and suited to handle large volumes of traffic

The local economy is largely driven by agriculture, mining, manufacturing, trade and commerce, tourism and construction.

English is the official language for business.

The most widely spoken vernacular language is Shona.


Mutare is one of the first three identified Special Economic Zones project.

Government is seriously considering submissions on establishing diamond cutting and polishing centers in the city. Other sectors benefit will include infrastructure development, timber industry, agro-processing, jewelry manufacturing, tourism and renewable energy.


  1. Attract foreign direct investors
  2. Create massive employment opportunities.
  3. Increase trade volume .
  4. Revive manufacturing in the province
  5. Boost economic activity

Please download the 2018 magazine on the link below. To contribute and buy advertising space for the 2019 Invest in Manicaland Magazine please contact Desire on +263774142459.

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