I’m the type of guy


I’m the type of guy who sits on the street corner

Undressing you from head to toe
Watching the sway of those ripe hips
Oggling the fresh shape of your virgin papaya
Your sister already warned you about me
She had to abort our son-may his soul rest in peace
Baby girl I see you want to taste my meds
I’m the type of guy your brother fights with every day in the streets
He is a church boy and he doesn’t want me to ruin his sister
You already caught my eye and I will make you run away from home
I will make you moan my name throughout the night
You will crave my lips during the day
I will wait for you by the corner as you tiptoe out of your mama’s house at midnight
Make your toes curl as I ride you to infinity
Then your momma says you are glowing
You think its winter loving your skin then you skip your period
Your best friend tells you to do a test
But you want to do it with me
What you don’t know is that I’m the type B guy
I will make you are hype low and your BP rise when I tell you we never agreed to make babies
You asked for pleasure and I gave you more than that
I never asked you to sneak out of the house
You wanted me to water your gardens, I did with a raw kind of love
You climaxed until you had to bloom like a flower…


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