How to harness culture and local heritage sites


“What really happened to our local heritage sites, can’t our tradition, culture, and language turn into an attraction like other ethnic groups in Southern Africa? For example, DRC male initiation, Reed Dance in SA….”

In Manicaland, there should be more than Nyanga and Chimanimani as key tourism sites. It all goes to marketing and value we give to our staff. General consensus highlights that most people don’t value our heritage and most are not proud of it. But the people around it don’t value it maybe or “tinotya kuti zvinoera.” Therefore it all starts from valuing one’s culture, heritage, and tradition for others to appreciate it.

Extracts from our social connection, below…
Come to think of it Kansime with her Nigerian accent has it ppl becoming interested in Nigerian lingo, “gaya dai tina Wasu angobuye ChiManyika” and joke in such a way…

We really should have more of the likes of the “Mutirowafanza.”
Exactly take pride in yourself! You see if you go kuHarare uri wasu ukasekwa ka1. Hwakutotaura chizezuru.

So how can people value their tradition, culture-heritage?Do you think it starts with identifying or realizing what they have?

The problem is we are told that our tradition is evil,
And our society is confused. We can’t even go in the woods kudzura mudzi for mushonga, unenge wakunzi uri n’anga.

By being evil isn’t it an opinionated fact? Don’t we have herbal chemists? The medical practitioners are recommending traditional meds and food? Did you know in India they have a traditional medicine and therapy course? People are flying in to learn stuff that sides from all over the world?

That is why you see the health sector of India is prospering.

Is it everything about the culture that is evil?
For example, tsika nehunhu#grooming# can that be seen as something wrong.

People are becoming western baba, we are now diluted there everything about our culture, heritage etc is losing value.We are running away from these, fast lol.

One negative influence came through the education system and like a little bit of yeast affecting a whole lump of dough it gradually effected a transformation that is now so distinct. Imagine that we had no vernacular reading texts, in primary schools, written in Ndau, Manyika etc. This somehow created a marginalization of those cultural groups whose language/dialect go no chance to be used in the learning and teaching circles.

They have realigned the curriculum. But what can we do as a community to give value to culture, heritage, and environment?The owners of the culture, themselves, have to see the value that it bears. If you do not attach value to your own culture who else do you expect to? it has to be promoted by us.

Exactly, for someone to know about a cave in Chimanimani we have to show them. And take pride in that and let the world know about it too.

Cultural centers may be set up where cultural artifacts and various aspects and elements of our culture and heritage may be showcased. Once such center l understand has been set up in the Zamchiya-Mabee-Mahenye area (in Chipinge). Now it is gradually attracting more and more people with the passage of time. Just a single guy came up with the idea and pursued it.

Show appreciation and value for culture,
Market heritage sites,
Harnessing culture, tradition, heritage and create sustainable business structures for tourism,
Educate locals and foreigners on culture, value, beliefs


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