‘Goodman’, the movie

Producer - Kamo Phuti

‘Goodman’, the movie, was produced on private corporate and individual funds which saw the birth of an esteemed good movie based on Manicaland tale, over the Mutare and Zimbabwean background lifestyle.

With a Canon D600 camera, a tripod and two light boxes the ‘Goodman’ came out so perfectly, attracting the big-fish in marketing, film and entertainment industry in Zimbabwe. It was Casts with actors from across Mutare. With perfect screening of the actors, the Cast came out perfectly despite the mixture of semi- and professional actors.

Fun Fact: Five days prior to the movie shooting, the movie was shot without rehearsals which enabled the actors to naturalize the realm of the movie and thus some scenes were taken at that very same day where no script was used as the act was superb. The Producer, Kamo Phuti related to the scenes as “Organic and Refreshing” seeing the extent of their potential.

He said the Pikicha Afrika Production prepared the perfect, interesting and audience captivating scenes that are interesting and makes the movie much audience grabbing.

“Many thanks goes to our understanding Pikicha Africa Production team and various stakeholders who availed their facilities for the production of ‘GoodMan’,” says Kamo.

The captivating production sound scoring, was recorded and mastered the songs at Optisonic Studios, a studio that is based in the famous areas of Sakubva in Mutare.

Kamo added that before the movie hits the cinemas, there is going to be a public tour and screening of the movie in different parts of the province of Manicaland.

“We will rely much on public screenings of the film through the program which we have staged as the National tour. We have started with Mutare City, where we screened at Manica SkyView Hotel where we received an abominable crowd of audience. The review was a success as it was our first screening show and we are looking forward to continue with the tour to other areas around the province.

“The marketing team has made efforts to reach the television networks in the country as well as affiliating with the International Film Festivals with the hope that we can attract international distributers. We are aware of ‘piracy’ that has loomed the film and entertainment industry therefore these are some of the measures we have chosen for the mean time,” said Kamo.

‘GoodMan’ unfolds in 93 minutes, with a gloomy lady-of-the-night manages to turn the so called Goodman who is later threatened to be blackmailed with pregnancy.

However this turns out to be a conspiracy which unfolds throughout the movie.

Director of the movie, Igi Matope, who is a filmmaker and founder of Pikicha Afrika is also a film consultant company based in Mutare, Zimbabwe says he has produced and directed documentaries, short films, and commercial and commissioned television programs but nothing like ‘Goodman’, as he was driven by passion and propriety.

He says resources permitted him to draw out the full vision of the movie to life; with the beautiful availability of controlled time and the beautiful sceneries screened in the movie. Igi has directed for theatre and radio with Amakhosi, Rooftops and the Zimbabwe Film and Festival Trust. His film productions have been screened locally and internationally in various film festivals and conferences, winning awards and critical acclaim.

Among the actors are Farirai Clarence Borerwe who is Simba (the protagonist) who is in rival with Tapiwa Marahwa as Jeanette.

Borerwe is a film and theatre graduate from the University of Zimbabwe while Marahwa is a beautician and a third year Media Studies student at Zimbabwe Open University. The duo featured in previous short film productions by Pikicha Afrika called ‘Baba – The Joys of Fatherhood’ in 2017 which was officially selected and screened at the 2017 Silicon Valley African Film Festival in USA, Best Film at 2017 Chinhoyi Film Fest and nominated for 2018 NAMA Awards Short Film Category.

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