Dynamics of humanity


Yes am headstrong, brutal and selfish,
A cunning and conniving person,
Vile in some dealings and ruthless,
A barbaric and violent soul at times,
Making me a villain and a prisoner of malicious passions,
But that’s just who I am, a frail human being.

Love and hate ply the shuttle of my life,
Just like every other person, I laugh and worry and hurt,
At times I feast on malice and insubordination,
If you ask me to describe me, I am a paradox,
A complex being of unknown passions,
But that’s just who I am a frail and fragile human being.

When I love I love with my all,
When the demon of hate possess me am like a caged bull,
At times am mystified for that I so hate I deeply love and my mind is in turmoil,
Both passions drawing me towards them,
But I guess that defines being human.

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Born 1990 in Mazoe Zimbabwe. Went to school at Southerton Primary School in Harare and St Faiths High School in Rusape. Studying Business Management at tertiary level.



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