Do not miss the main event



In Germany, during the global economic depression in the 1930s, a circus team was to visit a certain town.

A young boy wanted to witness this circus and so asked his father to give him some money for buying the entrance ticket.

His father said that the boy had to find some piecework to do so that he could earn the dollar he needed.

Due to the economic hardships, the father could not spare money for such luxury.

The boy found some work which he did and got some earnings, before waiting for the ” big day .”

Before the actual performance, the circus team held a parade, going around town.

The young boy ran into one of the streets, stood by the roadside as the team came that way.

A clown, leading the team, came and stood still by the young boy, who then took his hard earned dollar and handed it over to the clown, bubbling with great joy.

Just after the circus team had passed, the young boy ran back home at a great speed where he recounted his experience of what he called the circus performance.

After listening attentively to the boy’s narration the father had this to say, “My boy! You did not see the circus. What you saw was only a parade, the circus proper was still to come. YOU MISSED THE MAIN EVENT

Damn it! The young boy had been carried away by the preliminaries and missed the main event’s performance.

His hard earned cash went down the drain. He no longer had any more cash to pay for his entrance into the actual event.

Just like this young boy, there are so many times we get carried away by the unimportant and we miss that which matters.

Great opportunities to do certain valuable things come our way and slip away while we are absorbed in the frivolous matters.

Be alert and sensitive to every opportunity as it comes so that you do not miss. Act swiftly.

lt is said an opportunity is like a snail as it approaches you, very slow in mobility.

As soon as it passes you, it turns into a rabbit, like a fleeting dream it passes with great speed, sometimes never to be caught up with.

Wherever you are, in whatever you are doing be careful that you do not miss the main event.

ln an educational institution, the purpose is to learn and get equipped for that which lies ahead.

Therefore, do not miss the main event by coming out of that system empty-handed.

Just below the cross at Calvary, the soldiers were busy casting lots for the pretty garment, oblivious of the grace which was hanging on the cross. MISSING THE MAIN EVENT.

So near yet very far.

The other soldiers were guarding the tomb, to ensure the disciples would not steal his body as the authorities thought might happen.

They failed to recognize or get enlightenment that this Jesus was to bring them eternal salvation.

As a Christian today, are you not missing the main event by majoring on the minors?

Scripture says, that “see yee first the kingdom of God and the rest will be added unto you.”

Major not on the material things you may benefit from the relationship but the relationship itself.

Esther was told by the king that she would even be given half the kingdom if she desired but she did not go for that.

She desired the king himself. Once she had the king then everything else would be hers.

Why go for half the kingdom when you can have the king plus the entire kingdom.

Getting into the Xmas season, miss not the main event as you get engrossed in the partying, goodies etc.

The main event is a remembrance of the birth of Christ and nothing else.

Getting into the Easter season, the main event is remembrance of the death age resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Even as you are here on earth, it is not that you just exist (partying, inactivity, etc) seeming to say to yourself “lf the dead are not raised, let’s eat, drink and make merry.” You will be missing the main event.

You are here to live the purpose set for you by the Almighty, well before you were conceived in your mother’s womb.

Stop just existing and begin to live.


Check your marriage, work engagements, relationship with friends, life vision etc


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