Do not devalue yourself


Have you heard that “A diamond in a dark pit does not turn into a pebble.” The darkness has got no potential or power to turn the gem into an ordinary and useless pebble. This applies to you. In the eyes of God, the Almighty, you are a priceless and precious gem. He designed and made you so right at inception.

What this means is that whatever happens to you, inside or around you is not able to alter, negatively, the value you were adorned with by God.

Whatever happens, you still remain who God made or designed you to be.

Only you have the potential to detract from the divine value which you bear. Joseph was hated by his brothers thrown into a pit, sold as a slave, falsely accused of rape, put into prison, forgotten, for two years, by the cupbearer whose dream he interpreted but all that did not take away his appropriateness for the post of a governor in Egypt. David was hated by his brothers, chased out of the palace, lost his job, stayed as a fugitive in the wilderness for around 14 years but even all this could not wrestle from him the kingship anointing.
Christ was hated, beaten, mocked and eventually nailed on the cross but never was this able to render him unfit and empty of power to be a Saviour to the entire human race. The same goes for you. Whatever negative circumstances you are immersed in right now be perturbed not, for no pinch of your value is to be taken away.
The movement towards your dreamland may be as slow as less than the speed of a snail, be troubled not because you will still get there with your worth untampered with. Even the snail, by perseverance, it reached the ark Noah had constructed. Remain robust and firm in your place, being hard pressed on every side, but not being crushed; perplexed but not in despair; persecuted but not abandoned; struck down but not destroyed. 2Cor 4:8

Apostle Paul also said,’l am greatly encouraged; in all our troubles my joy knows no bounds. 2Cor 7:4



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