Dear Love


I know you’re here, right here. I can feel you flowing flawlessly from my heart. Without your inspiration, I wouldn’t be writing. Without you, the world would be void, without form and shape. Yes, the world is riddled with imperfections but you make it better. Those obedient enough to follow the commandment are enjoying your company. You mould us into better citizens. Though far from perfect, you cleanse all our spots. Yes, we are yet to be stainless but you provide us with the detergents.

It’s up to us to use them wisely. In my village, they celebrate you every day. Even in their multicoloured fabrics. They believe in you. My mother taught me to love and be loveable. She cited you as the reason why ours is a sweet little haven. They are connected together like rungs on a ladder. Position matters less than purpose. You are the unifying force, be it in perfection or in compromise, in desperation or in jubilation, in exasperation or in celebration. That’s why I decided to write.

To remind you that we need you every day, everywhere in every situation. We need your company when companies are closing shop, rendering many jobless. We need you more when tongues are spraying venom and obscenities are traded. We need your presence when the present has presented for just a few. We need you when feuds are disintegrating families and collapsing relationships. We need you more when sadness is reigning like rain in summer. We need you, Love. We need you here where rain has been deferred indefinitely yet our coffers are too dry to augment our grain. We need you there where rain is pouring incessantly flooding the earth and terminating life. We need you when they promise but can’t deliver. We need you, Love. Not on a single calendar day, but every day.

Not only when we are dressed in red but in any colour, even black, even blank. We need you Love, not only when in peace. But even in war. When bazookas are booming. When children are drowning in oceans while trying to escape the ravage. When brothers are at each other’s throat when sisters are strangling each other. When darkness is dominating light, the only light that can erase this is you, Love. Because I know you can, please stay right here with me. With us. With them. With families. With the world. Because we need to celebrate you every day! Thank you for reading my letter. I won’t say bye because I know you are not going anywhere. You have never deserted me.

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