Bank Manicaland, tourism critical to provincial development


MANICALAND is a land of overflowing milk that needs strategic marketing structure and if utilised properly the province can only stand on tourism along. With the holiday season around the corner, Manicaland province is usually the place to be. As the tourism sector sat on the round table for the strategic discussions for the coming 2019, marketing the province is of paramount importance.

Tourism flourishes in the province of Manicaland with the mystic flora and fauna in Nyanga, Honde, Vumba, Chimanimani, and Chipinge. These captivating communities attract local and outside tourists with their unique cultures, views, and myths all together.

The mystic inimitable places portray the mythic and wonderful cultural portraits of the Zimbabwean emblem.

The famous Sky Walk in Honde Valley

The Province has more to offer than the mountainous terrain, aluminous wildlife and hospitable accommodation, but the proud conservation and value embraces the people give to such sites.

General consensus highlights that most people don’t value the rich heritage the region harbour or rather the lack of knowledge of the existence of such.

Tourism players in Manicaland have joined hands in packaging and marketing the Eastern Highlands as a tourist destination and craft it into competitive destination globally.

In a statement given by the Hospitality Association of Zimbabwe vice president Mr Clive Chinwada to other tourism stakeholders in a meeting held recently, making the province reach the global value ratings and creating more synergies are the first steps to growth of tourism in Manicaland.

As such, the mutual relations should be based on solid grounds of development between the corporate world, tourism world and other successful work groupings in the country and globally.

He added that for marketing purposes an information hub is vital looking at the 2019 vision.

Mr Chinwada said: “We need to create an information hub for every player in the tourism industry for business progress sake,” as this has not been done before and has been making the province leg-behind in progress.

Meanwhile, the Ekhaya Travel, Business Development Manager, Ms Rumbidzai Munhuwani highlighted the challenges faced by Manicaland  in branding and packaging tourism citing that the region harbors diverse tourists products and services which are fortified by other untamed tourist areas in Buhera and Chimanimani.

“The problem is that we have been trying to market ourselves individually, yet we need each other to create the satisfying experience for the traveler. We need to package the Eastern Highlands together and that we can achieve through a well structured centre and comprehensive data base of who is doing what in the region. Our tourism sector has much to offer as we are surrounded by many untamed areas which can improve the province’s GDP,” she said.

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