Arise from the slumber


We are all born with the potential to perform great exploits.

Some do perform and reach great heights while others do not even attempt. The only difference between those who do and the ones who do not is the hesitancy, fear, and failure to arise and enact one’s dreams, visions, and ideas as birthed within the mind which is the cradle of all brilliant creativity as enabled by the Lord Almighty.
Those who fail to perform, do injustice to the wealth of world-transforming ideas deposited in them by God, meant for their use, in tandem with the design God made of them. The treasure of ideas which is otherwise meant to change the entire world, is eventually, thrown into the ground and interred as they die. There in the ground, this treasure is rendered inaccessible, unusable and useless to the entire human race. You may spend some time in dreaming but you will eventually need to wake up and enact your dreams.
I am here to prod you from that deep slumber so that you start to do something, making use of all that was given you by the Lord for the benefit of all people. You were not meant to live for yourself, but others. Do not be like that fig tree which was described as just “using up the ground.” It was planted in the ground, taking up resources/nutrients from it but it bore no fruit. Luke 13:6-9.

You are not in this world just for the purpose of consuming resources but put them to meaningful use.

Stop simply existing and start living.
Hear what someone else had to say, l am a hugger. When l meet people l want to wrap my arms around them. I want them to feel worthy and loved. I write to hug people with my words of encouragement and challenge. I yearn for them to appreciate themselves and to realize that God created each of us to love and to be loved.” These are words of Cecil Murphy who could not allow distance to be a barrier to what he could do to people in line with how God meant him to impact this world. He has used the gift to write, which God gave him, to reach out to many people out there. He would do all he could to write. Even at 81 years, he could still write 8 hours a day.
He wrote and co-authored more than 135 books.
He once worked as a pastor in Metro Atlanta; as a volunteer hospital chaplain for 10 years; a missionary in Kenya for 6 years.He traveled extensively to speak to people on topics such as writing, spiritual growth, caregiving, significant living, sexual abuse, and recovery.
You are not all that different. The knack and divine ability to make an impact and scale great heights are locked up inside your being. You only need to discover it, exploit it and release it so that the entire world can feed on the fruits that it bears.



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