8 great opportunities in the manufacturing sector for young people in Zimbabwe

Opportunities in Manufacturing

Opportunities, Entrepreneurship & Job Creation

These are the top opportunities for young people in Manufacturing according to the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries(CZI) Vice President, Mr Richard Chiwandire. The question is how can young people, take advantage of these opportunities. Industries are down and the new dispensation is looking to revive them. Should we wake up sleeping dogs or let them lie? Do young people have the capacity to create new industries if the ones already there are not revived?

Anyways check out these opportunities & tell us what you think.

Clothing and textile industry

There is underutilised capacity in the design of clothes and textiles as well as cotton ginning, spinning, weaving, finishing textiles and knitting products.


Processing of meat, fish, fruit juices, timber. Cement manufacturing and sugar milling are also potentially lucrative.


Manufacturing of fertilizers, insecticides, paints, detergents, pharmaceuticals. Industrial chemicals, petroleum products, rubber and plastic products. There is also a limited range of explosives adhesives but great potential for industry to improve.

Wood and furniture

Sawmilling, production of wooden products, furniture and fixtures.


Information processing, computer assembly, solar technology and consumer electronics.

Manufacturing – Food

Opportunities for investment are available within the various subsector of the food manufacturing industry. The processing of meat products for both local and export markets is encouraging. They are also investment opportunities to further develop the dairy processing industry through modern packaging and design.


Are well catered for with a range of local and international brands being manufactured and marketed locally and within the region. However, an opportunity exists for the development of medical products from locally grown, natural raw materials including the controlled growth of prescribed drugs for the industry.

Metals and Minerals

Metals such as nickel, chrome, copper, and platinum are products of the Zimbabwean mining industry but most of these are exported in a raw state.


Identify those with growth potential – develop business plans for them. Take equality and grow them. Manufacturing is already happening on a small scale. We just need to grow it into BIG business.


Zimbabwe is a country that is endowed with unbelievable potential. Manicaland is the top province. We have a new President that is focused and understand business. The turnaround that we have been waiting for has arrived. Either you keep doing the same things that you have been waiting for has arrived. Either you keep doing the same things that you have done in the past or you wake up to the new realities and make things happen. Manufacturing is key to unlocking this transformation. If you do not ACT now the opportunities will be taken by others.

Dream BIG, plan, execute and make BIG monies.

Extract from Mr Richard Chiwandire’s Speech on Mutare Dream Conference.

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