10 magnificent places to visit in Manicaland


Magnificent places in Manicaland

In the first edition, we gave our readers a brief history of Mutare, that is, the origins of this beautiful city. Furthermore, the second edition gave an outline of the major attractions that are within the main city. Mutare is the provincial city of the Manicaland province, however, in this edition, we will give our readers an insight of the ten best destinations that are found within the Manicaland province. Manicaland is deemed as the most beautiful province in Zimbabwe so it is not logical for one to visit Zimbabwe and not visit this province since it is referred to as the “the hub” of beauty. It is the second best destination in Zimbabwe after the majestic Victoria Falls.


  • beautiful panoramic views (very mountainous)
  • favorable climatic conditions
  • diversity in wildlife (fauna)
  • very welcoming WASU people (great hospitality skills from the locals)
  • dense vegetation which is evergreen (flora)
  • great natural and man-made attractions
  • good accommodation facilities
  1. Nyanga National park

Nyanga national park is one of the oldest national parks in Zimbabwe, and it covers the greatest or largest land when comparing to other national parks. There are a lot of animals in this park and these include Africa`s big five (lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and giraffe).In addition, the park has perennial rivers and great hills.

2. Nyangani Mountain

Nyangani Mountain is the highest mountain in Zimbabwe (2592metres, 8504feet). It is at its peak that one experiences Zimbabwe`s highest point of elevation. Many visitors climb this majestic mountain. Mt Nyangani is at the heart of Nyanga national park so visitors have the privilege of great scenery whilst they climb this mountain.

3. Mutarazi falls

It is found within Nyanga national park. This is the highest waterfall in Zimbabwe and it is 762 meters high, making it 7 times higher than the Victoria Falls. It is also the 6th largest waterfall in the world.

4. World`s view

This lies about 120km north of Mutare. Many people visit this place because it provides a beautiful wide view that covers a very long distance. It is at this place that one has a great view of all the places within the 200km radius especially during the night when one can see lights from towns that are approximately 200km away.

5. Bvumba mountains

There is approximately 25km southeast of Mutare and they lie on the Zimbabwe-Mozambique border. Bvumba is a Shona name for mist, therefore, these mountains are referred to as the mountains of mist due to them being always covered in mist during the morning although the mist usually clears by midday. There are botanical gardens and luxuriant forests which are fantastic for walks, these mountains also offer a great view of highlands and tropical lowlands of Mozambique.

6. Hot springs

This is found 85 km from Mutare city along the Birchenough bridge road. It is a natural spring which runs all year round and it produces hot water.This water is believed to heal skin diseases. In addition, the hot springs area is believed to be sacred therefore the locals regard the place as a holy place.

7. Chimanimani mountains

These are approximately just a 2hr drive away from Mutare. From the mountain top visitors have the opportunity to experience beautiful panoramic views of Zimbabwe and Mozambique since these mountains are on Zimbabwe`s border with Mozambique.

8. Birchenough bridge

The bridge is regarded by some as Zimbabwe`s finest piece of engineering, in addition, it does not have any piers or supports on the bottom holding it for support. This bridge was completed in 1935, it is 329m (1080 feet) long and it was the third longest single arch suspension bridge in the world at that time.

9. Osborne dam

This is the largest dam in Manicaland and is also one of the major inland lakes in Zimbabwe. Fishing is one of the most popular activities, besides fishing, there are also other activities like boating, bird watching since it’s home to a wide range of aquatic and terrestrial birds and pony rides along the dam wall and coastlines.

10. Chipinge Chirinda forest

It covers 950 hectares of evergreen forest on the slopes of Mt Selinda in South East Zimbabwe. The area it covers makes it one of the largest protected forest areas and it has a combination of tropical and subtropical vegetation species. This forest is home to “the big tree” which is one of the largest Red mahogany trees in southern Africa and the tallest native tree in Zimbabwe. It is about 65m long and has a trunk diameter of about 4,5m at the base; it is situated at the southern part of the forest at a place called the Valley of Giants. Furthermore “the big tree” is estimated to be more than 1,000 years old. Below is an image of “the big tree”


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