Business environment in Zimbabwe


Environment Overview

Successful entrepreneurs convert problems into opportunities. Entrepreneurs make most of their money during periods of adversity. They take risks and think strategically, and also have the ability change at an instant to suit the dictates of the environment. Just like a chameleon changes its colors in order to mystify its unsuspecting prey. Whilst the majority flow with the tide, entrepreneurs think differently and walk those roads no one else will dare to walk.

Zimbabwe and Manicaland, in particular, is going through such a period of adversity. Such adversity is characterised by:

  • A planned budget deficit – $400m 2017 ($1b 2016). We have been living beyond our means to pay! This is our biggest problem.
  • Over 90% of government and most local authority budgets goes to payroll costs, at the expense of infrastructure maintenance and development. This is unsustainable.
  • We are importing far more than we are exporting. We are being screwed BIG time by our trading partners.
  • Private companies that are borrowing and applying the funds to consumptive instead of investment purposes. Mansions, Mercs, Small houses – what waste!
  • Corruption and lawlessness that is now endemic in our communities. Going unabated!

Whilst sad, this era present MASSIVE opportunities for progressive entrepreneurs to thrive and make BIG money. Yes – BIG money.

This article is an extract from Mr. Chiwandire’s speech on our event, Entrepreneurship in Manicaland: Unlocking the potential. The next articles will touch on:

  1. The operating business environment in Mutare,
  2. The opportunities that are hidden in our province,
  3. Opportunity identification and,
  4. How to start a business



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