I am misplaced, mystified by the dynamism beyond my control,
Am in love with a maiden who seems to be near yet so far.
Oh, how I yearn to touch and feel her heart beat next to mine every time I slumber and every moment I am awake.
It’s all a mirage as we live in parallel worlds.
Just a glimpse of her changes the cadence of my heart.
How I long for her to see herself through my eyes and psyche.
For her to discern how greatly she really means to me, for they are not vacant lexis I articulate.
From the hub of my heart, my orifice converses passionately.
Too bad I am only just a phrase in the first chapter of the book,
Just a ghost memory that holds no significance to the flow of the script.

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Born 1990 in Mazoe Zimbabwe. Went to school at Southerton Primary School in Harare and St Faiths High School in Rusape. Studying Business Management at tertiary level.



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