Wasted time


Now living under excruciating strife
I remember my old teacher prophesying this life
You are not wise
Your disobedience will scotch you
It’s only a matter of time

Dagga and beer
My two old former best friends
I remember how I gravely abused you
Sneaking away from class
Just to be with you
A few pull and sips
I felt invincible on top of the world

I never knew
Feelings can also lie
On top of the world
I was never there
Neither was I invincible
All was nothing
But hallucinating lying feelings

All deserted by life
Feeling same excruciating strife
Same prophecy of this time
My former comrades’ yawn
Should have known
Truly we were not wise

Now we dwell in desperation
Like lost cubs
In confused like trapped mice
Days are numbered
Doom has finally fallen
Time wasted avenges.

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