Are you an evicted vendor? This is what you can do to solve your problem

vendors in Mutare before evictions

Evicted Vendors Solution

Vendors have been evicted from the areas they were selling on the street. As much as those areas are not designated for vending, the Mutare community has different emotions on the move. Other people are delighted as they feel that they could no longer walk freely in the pathways in town. However other people feel it was harsh for the vendors as it is their only means of survival. Here is a list of solutions that they could use in no particular order:


Of recent lobbying has proven to be effective in influencing decisions. Lobbying is a way used by different organizations, individuals, and groups in order to influence the decisions of policymakers such as the government. Since vendors have an established body which is the Zimbabwe National Vendors Association, it can be used to influence the policy makers to find other designated areas that they can sell the products from. The vendors may be able to get sales in the new area since they were already making sales from the street.

Joint ventures and Crowdfunding

The power of partnerships has proven to work in all sectors of the industry. The vendors can also use the same technique as a solution. By collaborating together they can contribute money amongst themselves or crowdfunding from other alternative sources. If this is done they can formalize their business and look for a shop where they can sell their products. Formalisation includes registration of the business, coming up with the constitution of the business and also forming structures. This solution is helpful as it can position the vendors to grow their businesses.

Use of technology

This solution is very arguably as most people are a bit skeptical with technology. It is without doubt however that technology has taken control of our activities and if used to good use could actually act to our benefit. The use Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram to advertise products and deliver to customers can come handy to vendors. They could also go an extra mile of having a mobile application where one can order for products and have it delivered to agreed areas.

Please share comments of solutions that you think can work and also highlight the listed if they are viable.


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