“The Reindustrialisation of Manicaland, how to do it?”


Manicaland industries have been on the verge of collapse and a need to revive dilapidating infrastructure. The young business audience in the city is questioning whether yesteryear, great companies like Border Timbers, Mutare Board, and Paper Mills should die so that new indigenous companies can be formed. To take over or there is a great need to work-out solutions to get them back on their feet. What is this reindustrialisation? Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines it as a policy of stimulating economic growth, especially through government aid to revitalize and modernize aging industries and encourage the growth of new ones.

Extracts from our social connection bring to light the concept of reindustrialisation and process to follow below…
Basics…Whoever set up those timber based factories before did so after some serious research. He or she managed to make a notable name and income out of whatever lines of trade they chose. We can’t fix a problem whose facts we don’t have. So there is your starting point gather the facts. Breakdown the problem objectively. Don’t fight reality. There is always an alternative. Work with what you have. The real problem far as I can see is commitment. That is a commitment to provide solutions? – Sandra

But don’t you think these companies have failed regardless of the amount of attention, money put to reignite them?

That goes to change of mindset basically. Come to think of it, we are importing books, and each and every time when school opens there are queues but we have Mutare Board and Paper Mills that was converted into a night school. Is border timbers totally shut down or it’s operating at low capacity? – Trust

The best way is to know the pitfalls of the formerly mentioned companies and sees how best we can solve them if we’re to start new companies. There’s need for thorough SWOT Analysis of Manicaland. There are a lot of projects that can be done in our province to start with before taking it to the national level. We can industrialize Manicaland back to feet and try to curb the unemployment rate economic quagmire we’ve in Zimbabwe. – Mhene

photo credits: Chiedza Chinotimba

Exactly there are many opportunities that can be harnessed in Manicaland basically. Manicaland is easy to get her to her feet, tourism, mines, agriculture, educated human capital etc. The question is how we connect the dots. Cause definitely something is wrong. – Desire

No money to waste on trial-and-error that is the thing, we can start and concentrate on new companies. Because old ones need large capital. For me, the problem is the people! We need to change our mindset. Once we have self-belief and cooperate this sleeping giant Manicaland will wake up. – Desire

But is it about the money? We have examples of companies regardless of huge amounts of investment have fallen under. This issue is beyond money but creating structures for sustainable growth.The potential in itself will definitely attract investment. Our city is a hub of potential. – Trust

Isn’t it possible where payment in cash can be substituted by batter trade of services?

Money is not a problem it’s the visibility people have been forced to invest in a one – 5-year project due to short terminism but it only needs someone who has an eye for profit to bring back those glory days. – Mhene

Good. What are the current structures like? Why were they tailored like that? What were our priorities then? What are our priorities now? How do we formulate these sustainable structures?

You have identified a problem now u know that whatever your plan is it should have 80% reliance on you and your efforts. If u can score in the hundred percent; then one crossed out.
Collaboration is lacking, and we want others to work for us. We don’t try at all. – Sandra

Yes, we need to answer these questions! But for my thoughts we need to act, we need to try. We need to create new structures that include what we know, not what other people know. And it starts with a bottoms up approach. That’s what most of the bottom is like. You already gave the solution. He should have given us his thoughts. – Desire

There is a concept called the sum of parts. Doing something in your little corner, and other doing something in their little corners. Overall if we sum that up, we can rebuild Manicaland. And that starts with trying, take initiative, action breathes miracles. Synergy#

Sustainable Structures,
New Industries,
Barter Trade in substitution for cash payment for services or products,
Systematic Approach to why and how industries shut down

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