My Proposal


I know I might get you by surprise but I LOVE YOU,
Someone once told me its all for one and one for all,
If there’s someone that you love just let your feelings show.
May you be mine, my all.

You may ask why you but why not you?
You may ask again why you?
My answer is as you know,
It will hardly be denied that even in this frail and corrupt world,
We sometimes meet persons who, in their very mien and aspect,
As well as in the whole habit of life,
Manifest such a signature and stamp of virtue,
As to make our judgment of them a matter of intuition rather than the result of continued examination,
And such is you my soul- my soulmate.

If I was a high school lad would have told you of your unfailing beauty but I guess you have had your share of such compliments that they don’t move you anymore,
So I speak of your unwavering inner beauty,
The beauty only found in a virtuous lady as you are.

I know I may not be the best you get but I know I will be the best when it comes to loving you.
What have I seen in you to love you thus?
To be honest I don’t know I am merely following my heart.

You might argue there are better girls out there, well true,
But how can I leave best for better, You the fairest of them all?
I have seen the color of love in those twinkling stars which you possess as eyes.

I can’t promise you all roses and chocolates, for rose plants themselves got thorns all over,
Life itself will throw lemons at us but we will make lemonade and enjoy.
You and I we build a formidable team.
How do I know we will make it?
Well because You and I we have had our fair share of relationships to know what’s wrong and what to do when the tornadoes blow on our love.

I can’t promise you all sunshine for nature itself has seasons,
I will promise you shelter from the storms, a shoulder to lean on,
I promise you to provide warmth in winter time,
To be your shade from the scorching sun rays of master life,
May you be my ages future shed,
Mine to love and cherish, to share the good and bad times with, all the remaining days of my life.

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Born 1990 in Mazoe Zimbabwe. Went to school at Southerton Primary School in Harare and St Faiths High School in Rusape. Studying Business Management at tertiary level.



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