Lack of expose affecting talent growth in sport


“When talent goes to waste as a result of lack of exposure is a painful experience. Can major sports festivals and leagues locally create opportunities for the young upcoming sportsman or there’s more that goes into it?”
The question is, do we have the talent in the first place? I don’t think its lack of exposure sometimes; it’s the lack of will from parents and kids involved. Hence the kids end up ill – disciplined in the process. For some sports administrators, it’s difficult to identify whether one has a discipline problem, it’s something that is identified at a later stage. But the big question is shouldn’t that be part of the coaching process? #discipline as an external factor.
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It depends on parents background on sport, look @ kids th@ go to private schools. Their parents appreciate the sport. if we get relevant scouts, it could change the whole landscape
Do you know how many years does it take to produce 1 olympian?


Sports is killed by teachers, mostly in high school.That is when age cheating starts, when people cheat then that is the death of talents
They don’t find the relevance because they failed to make it work for them and they believe it doesn’t pay off
So are our local sportsman in Manicaland making any contributions to the National team(s) and clubs or it just dies off in High School or College
Just today we had Cross Country for junior Athletes but it was poorly attended imagine nekukura kwakaita PROVINCE W ONLY HAD UNDER 15 JUNIOR ATHLETES who participated so a lot has or can be done
What have you identified as the main problem?
For me, the problem is ill-discipline plus kushaya hanya nemitambo! Parents are even worse. So are you telling me parents need to be educated on this?
I was an athlete in High School and at one point ndaisiya chikoro chese in my age group but what l know is l wasn’t even fast kune vaindikunda kumhanya but vanga vasingadi zvavo.
I think sports don’t pay in Zim. They r also poorly funded. People want things that pay
I beg to differ. For me, in this hash economy, I don’t have to go and participate pasina mari.

The opportunity cost is too big
Arent maorganisers and coaches who kill the sport. with the tendencies dzekutsara mafesi at the expense of the game. I remember when we were young kana usingafarirwi nemuridzi wehweshe ugone sei hauritsiki
Sports at international level pays, it’s not always about the money it’s also about your passion and talent!!!
Companies that fund sports put their funding at group A schools coz ndokune vana vemaBoss vaunza business.
This daes i feel kids are lacking time n initiative due to the changed in tech back in the day we played hweshe these muroad hauoni anyone
Not exactly, this should motivate them to do more in sport considering access to information about how much sport pays internationally.But talent is in the streets!
Yes the problem is National, but Manicaland has a lot of those problems. I don’t think Manicaland have ever taken the Youth Games trophy at all.
Only when there is a paying sport like when musona made a breakthrou ,many kidz wer registered at aces. 😂😂😂 and we expect miracles to happen in sport!
We need to create a structures like Aces, what are they doing to be good!Commitment, collaborations and discipline


True we can talk about lack of talent or passion but without money passion and talent will die
Yes, passion is key. But we don’t eat passion. Houses are not built by passion alone and families are not taken care of by passion alone. There must be an incentive which is commensurate with your effort.
for sport to succeed funding z needed first…without funds there z no sport…eg fo soccer u need funds to buy mabhora acho…full kit n staff…so talent z lost coz sport haina mari like said before…tisinatauri kibhadhra maplayers academies don’t have the much-needed resources to make a raw talent a finished product…thus an academy with 4sets of squads only has 1 player who manages to break through.
Create a structure find, once you have structure everything falls into place. Capital is like a river it follows where it is most attracted. So if you don’t something that attracts the money, you will always falter.Let’s do first things, first gentleman. What started money or Usain Bolt? What started Ronaldo or the money?
Still funding made him just as much as talent made him
So these structures are created by who? Volunteers? The athlete?
Us, people who have experience, and entrepreneurs
In Zim it’s not like the above. You can have a structure passport but the money doesn’t come, please google how sports pay in SA and Bots then u will be shocked. Sport should be attractive financially, after all, has been said and done, it’s easy to encourage our kids with talent when they will get some returns…
In Juniors, we lack exposure if we are kumaruzevha , in developed countries even anaChipinge there will be spotters representing big teams watching school teams playing…
Its’s not about the money guys! Scouters are everywhere, and its there is job hunting for talent. Not even lack of exposure like OT said they had a marathon and 15 people attended. And that marathon has rewards l assume.
That is the leap of faith, it might be earlier. And there are factors like diversification which can speed up the process and spread risks.
We lack resources in our sporting disciplines and in our clubs that’s why we don’t develop, simpleMoney is like a magnet for talent…
That is why we don’t get serious. Minister Hlongwane last year admitted that lack of funds affects our sports in Zim.
With due respect guys, finances are very important in almost everything u can talk about in sport, if we want to support a Nash tournament and we also want to take cream from there etc we need some money…which in Zim we don’t have…
Why is Khama Billiat not playing for Dynamos? Money….Why is Drogba playing for a Chinese club not back home in his country? MoneyDo you think that if Real Madrid tells Ronaldo that they are going to pay him $300 per month he will keep on playing coz he has passion?
You are answering yourself but you are clouded by money. Mamelodi sundowns have better structures than Dynamos, which means they are able to pay more than dynamos.Drogba was in the twilight of his career and aging that is why he chose more pay. About Ronaldo he is a proven talent, we are talking about the grassroots. But Madrid can still afford to freeze Ronaldo in the team and still make billions why?
Messi the great was taken into the Barcelona academy at a young age they gave him treatment for his growth hormones which needed a lot of cash. If there was no money to do that Messi would have never reached the point he reached. Because they have to fund.
Funding comes from the air or through your organization and ability to handle the club affairs etc. As well as advancing the interest of the funders
Maybe l need to explain to you what is a structure. cause it involves marketing, getting the numbers etc
You see what makes you get the funding for fees? It’s the structure that you have, you make someone believe that something is going on and you are capable of handling the funds. I say because they have a working structure that attracts investment, that attracts fans, that attract talent, that attract people.
Unbiased Talent Search,
Parental Support,
Discipline, Commitment and Collaboration.

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