3 crucial habits potential entrepreneurs should master while at college – Part 1


Potential entrepreneurs

Does education create great entrepreneurs? Most rich people have argued over the importance of college education. This is derived from the notion that ‘A’ students end up working for ‘C’ students. ‘A’ students are the ones that mostly get a college qualification while C students do not go to college. Most rich people argue that college does not teach the life lessons that lead to financial freedom for an individual and college graduates to end up settling for the middle class.

However, I am of the view that college should act as a stepping stone for those who do not want to settle for the middle class. There are habits that need to be done during the college that distinguishes one from the rest.


There is a saying that says, ‘your network translate to your net-worth’. Most entrepreneurs have emphasized the importance of establishing a good network with people who matter. There is no better place to network than college. You are placed in a pool of accountants, doctors, engineers, lawyers, computer nerds, scientists, politicians and any other profession that you could think of.

It’s disappointing to note that someone can graduate from college whilst only knowing the guys from his/her class and a few that he/she knew back from high school. For an entrepreneur, college is about identifying individuals who are likely to be high performers in their fields and becoming friends with them. One should at least graduate with friends from a variety of professions. This is because you have no idea of what projects you will think after college and you need these contacts in the near future.

Start a business

Why wait for college to start up your company? Whats the worst that could happen? Whether your business succeeds or fails, college is a good learning cave. There is a lot to learn when it comes to business and startups. Some of the lessons can only be learned when you are hands on. For entrepreneurs, it is wiser to use the little that you have to start something.

It might not need to be big but the idea is to learn. Most likely you still on our parents budget for pocket money and it won’t be much stressful if the startup is not doing well. When you finish college and want to start something fresh you will be at a better stage than someone who is still coming to the startup environment. You might also continue with that business when you finish college and it would be at a different stage. You would have created clientele base, brand name, company structure and processes.


They say that you can not solve problems that you do not know exist. An entrepreneur is always on keen on looking for opportunities that can be exploited. There is need to engage in discussions with different students you meet around college. You are in the dining hall and you happen to sit next to a person doing social work – get to know what their field is about, what issues do they have in that field and how the person thinks can be solved.

You are in kombi to college and you sit next to a medicine student – don’t be intimated by them, ask what they think can be done to improve their working process and so on. This is what entrepreneurs do, engaging in discussions and trying to find solutions to the problems there are told. By the end of a month, you might have several business ideas that run through your mind ready to be executed.


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