Destination unknown 2: A leap of Faith



Someone once told me that; the fundamental purpose of earthly life is personal growth and attainment. This is a common goal for everyone the moment we become conscious that one day we will grow up. That explains why at an elementary level, the question what do you want to be when you grow up, brings about a cheerful discussion, with every child straining his or her mind in contemplation of what will make him or her live the life he or she desires. Usually, those seemingly childish wishes are part of destiny calls; a reflection of the expected projection of one’s life. However, these wishes turn to dreams as unanticipated turns and twists emerge and blur personal goals; once a doctor now a street vendor…

Just because you woke up and realized that you were dreaming doesn’t mean that your dreams are a mere creation of a relaxed mind, it bears the signature of what your inner self-needs you to be. If you look around you, achieving your dreams will seem extremely impossible; worst still if you weigh the chances of succeeding and failing. So, how do we attain our dreams in such a world seemingly filled with negativity targeted at destroying the paths of destiny? My answer is; there is a lot to be done to reach your dream: innovation, taking risks, taking chances and acting now are just a few of the examples. The next question is how can you be innovative or taking risks when the situation around is so blurry. My best response is: what about if you base your everything on nothing tangible; just like the earth was created from nothing and take God as a guarantee in everything you do! That is what we call a leap of faith right, how can we take that?


Instead of making decisions based on the things you have, the things that surround you or the traditions associating what you want to do (which might be a vision from the house of hunger), try to project your vision basing on what you need, to be satisfied. When you start doing the thing, don’t dwell much on finding out whether anyone has tried that before. Just tell yourself that if it has never happened before that does not mean it is impossible, it only means there was not yet the right person to do it and since I am doing it now, that means I am the right person. This is not only self-confidence, it is having faith in yourself. Faith in yourself, that is, individual faith, is the basis of all the major scientific leaps known throughout history the foundation of discovery.

If by any chance, you come across information concerning someone who tried a similar venture but failed, tell yourself that: of course, that was a warning of what should not happen to me, I am destined to correct that mistake. Failing to achieve what you wanted is a sign of weakness. Edison had faith that a light bulb can not only be created but the person who should create it was him; that is why he describes his failures as stages in the development of a bulb. There were a lot of people trying the same project during Edison’s time, but they lacked faith in themselves, succumbing to initial failures.


There are people who really do see something as “impossible” and believe it. To them, it’s not an excuse, but a fact. And there is a good reason they believe it: they can only believe what actual physical experience tells them and not their imagination.  But the impossibility of something can simply be substituted by faith, faith that this thing is only difficult and not impossible and believe that you can do difficult things. At the end, what really matters is what you believe.

But, what is belief? The definition of faith in the BIBLE from Hebrews 11:1 equals a belief in hope. Believing that God is there is faith. That same belief stems from a further belief that it is not impossible to see Him, it is only difficult. A person who does not believe that all things are possible through God is a Christian who does not believe that Jehovah lives amongst us or a Muslim who does not believe in the existence of Allah at all just because his eyes never saw him.

Believing that your positive efforts can change the community and your life is having faith in both the potentials of yourself and the community. Murphy’s law states that: if left alone, things tend to go from bad to worst. If you don’t believe in what you can do or what the people surrounding you are capable of doing, then you should not complain as you see things drifting from bad to worst.



Of course, faith is not magic or illusion but a power rooted in eternal principles. It is a substance and an assurance. You have to hold the insurer responsible for any mishap encountered while you are doing the right thing. This does not necessarily require you to go to church to make a covenant with God. Believing in God encompasses all the hope that despite all these turmoils I am encountering, God is still in control.

What to understand is that; even if you exercise your strongest faith, God will not always reward you according to your desires, rather, God will respond with what in His eternal plan is best for you. Don’t be hate to lose faith in God because things are not happening according to your desires. Don’t say God is dead because you didn’t hit the gold in your plotted timeline, just keep on pressing and rest after achievement.



Faith forges a spirit of strength in character in you. A person who has a lot of faith in himself and his surrounding will ultimately do things usually ruled as impossibilities. Who knew that quails can be tamed let alone become an overnight life-changing project. Arthur C. Clark insisted that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.  Yet most of us have to live in a world of realities.  Growing up means that fantasies must give way to realities.  We learn to favor probabilities over possibilities.

French playwriter, Molière, once said; The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it. This works if we, believing in ourselves, perceive every project as a challenge. All the esteem we need will burst into light the moment we prove to people that we can, not we may. Being in faith is the right recipe for success for it brings a good attitude towards something. The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible.

Having faith in yourself, faith in your community, faith in your friends, and, ultimately, faith in GOD is the real recipe for shaping our futures. You can do anything if you will!






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Simbarashe Mwanaka was born in Inyanga, a small smart town in Manicaland, eastern part of Zimbabwe on the 6th of January 1993 as the only male product of Zebedia Mwanaka and Takesure Marongedza. He attended Shiri Primary School, St Mary Magdalene's High School and St Monicas High School( for advanced level). He is currently doing aero engineering.


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